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The founding spirit of the Internet is encapsulated in the following Enlightenment proverb, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Let's not lose sight of this principle, as obscenely wealthy corporations which have grown rich milking the Internet's openness, submit cowardly to Zionist thought-police who fear alternative information and dissent, and push ruthlessly for a politically correct online world. Who are the "haters"? They are the bigots who hate the free circulation of dissenting information.
In order to silence or obstruct the flow of information from this website, Judaic religious fanatics irresponsibly allege that is a "hate site." This is tantamount to a papal fanatic stating that a website dedicated to disseminating critical information about the Roman Catholic Church is an anti-Italian "hate site." It's clearly a pretext for obstructing data and documentation which rabbinic zealots execrate. It is libelous to claim that is a "hate site." Read the following statements by Michael A. Hoffman II and discover the truth for yourself.

I. Of "Zionist Jews" and "Zionist Aryans"

II. On "White Supremacy"

III. Mission Statement


Of Zionist "Jews" and Zionist "Aryans"

by Michael Hoffman

Open Letter to Michael Santomauro re: "Zionist Jews Dominate U.S. War Machine"

Dear Mr. Santomauro: Why drag "Jews" into this equation? You do the work of the rabbis by such tactics. If you are talking about Zionists then stick with that classification. It is gratuitous and racist to mix "Jews" into the equation. You are well aware that there are Judaics who are anti-Zionist, anti-rabbi, pro-freedom and even pro-Arab.

By tying "Jews" into the Zionist equation you serve as a recruiter for the Talmud, Midrash and Kabbalah, all of which teach that there is no mercy or love for Jews among the goyim; that it is "impossible for the goyim not to hate the Jews," because "Halacha hu beyadua sheEsav soneh leYaakov." The Hitlers and the Henry Fords played into the hands of the rabbis by confirming this racial maxim of theirs. Hitler and Ford were, in this way, unconscious allies and agents of the rabbis!

Right now the rabbis are telling Judaic people that all criticism of the Israeli state is a "thinly veiled attack on Jews themselves." You uphold this tale when you use the term "Zionist Jews" in a pejorative sense.

In your campaign for peace and justice in the Middle East, make certain you do not fulfill the prophecies of the rabbis and thereby drive fence-sitting Judaics into rabbinic arms. We need Judaics in the first ranks of freedom and truth-loving people. To make them welcome we must not resort to categories which will only make them feel collectively targeted no matter what they do or how they behave.

I am not here advocating weasel words, mealy-mouth responses or compromise of any kind. There can be no compromise with the truth! What I am expressing here is a radical and defiant truth: if we want to succeed and win the war for Truth we will have to stop imitating Hitler and Henry Ford who were little more than players acting out assigned roles in a Purim pageant.

There are many tens of thousands of "Jews" who want to join us, but to do so they may have to burn their bridges in their own shetls. They will never sever those ties and allegiances if they harbor suspicion that at some point after they have entered our community we will ultimately turn on them after we have contained Zionism and Talmudism.

If you truly want to defeat the rabbis and the Zionists, then love Judaic people with all your heart and avoid language which suggests a hidden agenda or animus.

Yes, there are many dual-loyalty "Zionists" in the Bush administration, beginning with the premiere Israeli-first traitor, the preppie WASP Yale blueblood George W. Bush. Perle and Wolfowitz can't remotely compete with the level of betrayal Bush represents. There is an epigram from the Early Church: "Judas was the most grievous traitor because He knew who Jesus was and sold him anyway."

The fault is not with the "Jews," Horatio, but with the "Aryan" proclivity to sell out that which the "Aryans" know is the truth. Our war is with that proclivity, and not with any scapegoated ethnicity.

The more you hunt and single out an ethnic because of his ethnicity ("Zionist
Jews") the more you make a fugitive, saint and martyr of him.

This principle also works against the rabbis. Today they have largely lost the tremendous sympathy for Judaism which Hitler's atrocities garnered and which led to United Nations Resolution 181 in November of 1947, effectively founding the Israeli state.

Now in our day, Judaism and Zionism have seen that sympathy eroded due to the contemporary rabbinic and Zionist tendency to scapegoat and racially caricature Arabs and Muslims -- thereby turning Arabs and Muslims into hunted fugitives, victims and Amalekites --a targeting that startles and disgusts most Europeans. Some of the older and more cunning rabbis are warning against this role reversal and chutzpah in their private councils, but the grinning Dershowitzes, Foxmans and Kristols are heedless.

There are both conscious and unconscious Zionist and rabbinic agents in pro-Palestinian and revisionist ranks. These agents are determined to reimpose the exhausted and failed psychology and paradigm of Jew hatred under various semi-respectable guises. This tendency must be combatted not on humanitarian or liberal grounds, but because it will lead to a dead-end, a repeat of history, a path to the treadmill of endless, rerun defeat for us and our Cause.

There are hundreds of thousands of Judaics who feel severely oppressed and threatened by Judaism and Zionism and who seek escape and liberation; who were raised as "frum Yiddin" in settings of unimaginable despotism and claustrophobic micro-management of their lives. We, who should be their harborers and liberators, only drive them back into the arms of their oppressors when we single "Jews" out for any sort of special animus.

We are not fighting genes or blood or a race; those are Talmudic and Kabbalistic obsessions clandestinely conveyed into our civilization by means of the Social-Darwinist and Hitlerian belt of transmission. Originally this racism was a rabbinic meme, reflecting the ancient megalomania of the Pharisaic sect at Jerusalem.

We are fighting not a race of people but a spiritual and ideological toxin, which infects Judaics and gentiles with
equal virulence. These spiritual toxins are the dogmas embodied within Orthodox Judaism, war-Zionism and their various step-children in the Western occult as personified by Hitler's hero, the Kabbalist Giordano Bruno, as well as Pico della Mirandola, Reuchlin, Dee, Pike, Crowley and their infernal Rosicrucian, Masonic and OTO branches, including the Skull and Bones demonology of George W. Bush, who was initiated in New Haven, CT in 1968. (This writer owns a photocopy of the official Skull and Bones --"Russell Trust" -- roll, giving Bush's date of initiation and biography).

When the great French writer and virtuoso anti-rabbinic polemicist, L.F. Céline, wandered the salons of Paris during the Nazi occupation, he was invited to speak at various anti-Jewish conferences, where Judaics were denounced with great fervor. He sat in the back of the room at one such gathering, disgruntled and mumbling imprecations. Thinking Celine resentful because he was in the rear, the organizers invited him to come up to the dais and join the assembled Vichy dignitaries as they denounced "Jewish bullsh**t." But Celine only stood up and shouted, "What about Aryan bulls**t? Why don't you talk about that for a change?" and then he stalked off.

In that spirit, I ask, what about the "Zionist Aryans"? Why are they seldom, if ever, singled out for special opprobrium? There is something sinister about a movement that seems to invent alibis for a whole class of Judas goats like Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Scalia, Bill Gates, Admiral Poindexter, Bush Sr. and Jr.-- in government, the corporations and the lodges -- who, in their treachery, surpass any Zionist Judaic. It is as if the evil of the Aryans is accidental, merely a mistake and not at all indicative of a deep malaise in the soul of Western man which we must scrutinize and expose if we are ever to be rid of it.

Most literature professors misread "Oliver Twist" and imagine that Charles Dickens' supreme villain is the Judaic Fagin. But it was Monks, Oliver's half-brother, who Dickens portrayed as the embodiment of the more malignant evil. Dickens was offering a modern corrective to a medieval morality play along with profound insight into a supposed hereditary Judaic enemy. Dickens sought to demonstrate that Fagin's animosity for gentiles was far surpassed in heinous perversion by the one who turns against his own brother, as Monks did to Oliver.

Nowadays our movement's principal exhortations are against "Zionist Jews." But like Fagin in his kidnapping of Oliver Twist, "Zionist Jews" couldn't have gotten to square one in the abduction of America had not the Zionist Aryans--like Monks-- sold their American brothers down the glatt kosher sewer of this "money-get mechanic age" for the requisite 30 shekels. Who then is the more dangerous and who merits the more strenuous reproach, censure and vigilance?

As long as we refuse the knowledge of the equilibrium we can't possibly win; instead we sentence ourselves to acting a role in Purimfest, forever.

I teach you "apikorus," i.e. that which is forbidden you -- the knowledge of the equilibrium. This too was Jesus' "crime."

Hoffman on "White Supremacy"

The white race --at least in its current degenerate state as manifested in modern America-- is now the golem of the rabbis. Without the unstinting financial and military support of America's white leaders and white voters, the Israeli Zionists would not have one-tenth their power in the world today.

As Dr. Tony Martin, professor of African History at Wellesley College elucidated in his videotaped lecture "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade," the root of anti-black racism is found in the Midrashic exegesis concerning Noah's son, Ham. This insidious rabbinic doctrine in turn influenced Freemasons and masonic sympathizers within and outside the Ku Klux Klan (most notably Wesley Swift of "Seedline Identity"), who taught the specious dogma that there is a Biblical basis for anti-black racism, when in fact anti-black racism emanates from the rabbis of Judaism, including the "greatest of them all" Maimonides, and not the Patriarchs of the Old Testament.

The supremacy of whites in America such as George W. Bush, Donald Rumsefeld, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, George Bush Sr., Justice Antonin Scalia, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, is synonymous with the rise of Judaic supremacy. I repudiate white supremacy and Judaic supremacy with every ounce of my being.

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Mission Statement

The Revisionist Mission

"It is always the inclination of man to deny reality, to tidy things up, to wrap perception in the pretty party ribbon of partisanship and prejudice. It is the fate of the revisionist historian to forever wander the frontiers beyond party and dogma, cognizant of the original sin of his own subjectivity, but always struggling to see more, and give an account of what he sees with an utter disregard for the consequences of so fugitive a vocation.

"Even at this juncture, information is not enough. For the key to getting as close to the truth as we can depends not on obtaining the most information, but rather, in honing our ability to detect fraud. Information is power, but it is not wisdom. "Revisionist history consists in the art of discerning fraud and the courage to publicly strip illusion, even when the whole world is clamoring violently for it."


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