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Summer 2017

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NEW BOOK! THE OCCULT RENAISSANCE CHURCH OF ROME. By Michael Hoffman. Softcover. 723 pages. Illustrated. Read about it here. USA price $29.95. Canada: $57.50. Foreign: $67.50

Executive Intelligence for Independent Leaders And Achievers
In-depth articles filled with meticulous detail and scrupulous striving for historical accuracy.

U.S. residents: 6 issues $40; 12 issues $75; postpaid

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The current (July 2017) issue:
Feature report: Profile of an American Hero - "Charles Lindbergh: New revelations concerning his pioneering aviation and peace activism." Also: Special “Occult Watch” section: • The Occult foundations of western banking • Occult Islam • Benjamin Franklin: Unanswered questions about his Occult involvement • Hermes Trismegistus as prophet of Artificial intelligence • Mass psychology of conspiracy theory revelation.  Plus: • The oldest usury bank on earth - still protected by the Cryptocracy. And much more! USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

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REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 90: The Papist Roots of the French Revolution: From terrorizing Huguenots to terrorizing Catholics. Michael Hoffman studies the late medieval and Renaissance papal doctrine that "error has no rights" and demonstrates that Jesuit-trained intellectuals applied this doctrine to their revolution in France -- against Catholics! He argues that the French Revolution would not have been possible without Rome's terror against the 10% of the French population who were Calvinists ("Huguenots"). Also: Homosexual traitors in the British Secret Service. And: the media's Fake News about Muhammad Ali and the Vietnam War draft. Plus: America, founded by Christians. Also: Contesting Establishment-approved Conspiracy Theories. And: recent attacks on Hoffman and Independent History and Research. USA price $7.00. Canada: $9.00. Foreign: $9.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 89: Establishment media are increasingly haunted by growing interest in the revisionist history of the enslavement of whites: history of the Highland Clearances in Scotland. A Prequel to The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome: sneak preview of Hoffman’s new book, including latest research information not found in the book itself! How the British Secret Service Helped to Found the Theocracy that Guides ISIS. Conspiracy in the Air: 9/11 Air Traffic Control Testimony Erased. On the Internet: The War for Your Attention. Also: No Goddess Can Ever Save Us: Deconstructing the goddess/victim religion of feminism; Chuck Baldwin endorses Hoffman’s Judaism Strange Gods; and more. USA price $8.00. Canada: $9.00. Foreign: $10.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 88: The Mass Rape of German Women at the end end of World War II by Americans and allied troops other than Russians. Inconvenient history revealed: 190,000 German women raped by US soldiers, British, Belgian and French. Includes a section on the rabbinic theology of rape in wartime • Also: Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center Challenges Michael Hoffman’s Research • And: History Under Attack at Bolshevik Yale University  • Plus: Confessions of a Climate Change Heretic • Also: The Assault on Freedom of Speech on our Nation’s Campuses and more — including Revisionst News and Notes. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 87: The False Messiah and Killer-King of Israel is Alive and Well on Planet Earth. Also: Michael Hoffman's complete review of the movie “Denial” movie (it backfires in favor of David Irving!) And: The Secret behind Hillary Clinton’s Plot to Kill Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi • Plus: Remembering Phyllis Schlafly: an Indomitable Fighter and Role Model for Women. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00

The "Denial" Movie: Hollywood's Revenge on Dissident Historian David Irving. Sections include: Caught in a lie before the movie debuts; Trial transcript - excerpts from the summary verdict of the Judge; Hoffman's analysis of the court's Judgement; the Bias of the Judge; Defense Attorney Rampton's sleazy crematory hoax; Lipstadt targets Irving as Amalek; Holocaust denial by Lipstadt; Criticize Lipstadt in 102 words and lose your job at Yale University; Yale descends into revolutionary delirium; the Debate over Dresden. Also in this issue: Hoffman defends Richard Wagner against hysterical vilification. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 85: British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: Head of State and Head of the Rothschild Conspiracy Here is the latest investigative research into the Rothschilds. Subjects include: •The Novel Writer Introduces a Rothschild • Coningsby and Rothschild: code-named “Sidonia” • Bribery, Debt and Disraeli: How the Rothschilds’ transformed Britain’s Christian Parliament •The Rothschilds become synonymous with the British Empire • Rothschild backing for the Muslim war against Christians •The Dual Loyalty of the “Plutopolitans” • Endymion of the sleep-walkers. Also in this issue: Violence in the West: The Wrath of God? Terror, shootings of police and random killings — What does History teach? —The Sack of Rome in 1527. Plus: “Revisionist News and Notes”—The Other Buchenwald; Why Hitler Was Spared; Kosher Kulchur. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 84: Edmund Campion’s Jesuit Challenge to Bad Queen Bess. Think you know St. Edmund Campion and his nemesis, Queen Elizabeth I? Think again! This new revisionist history turns the Establishment story inside-out. We add pieces to the puzzle Protestant and Catholic historians have concealed.  • Edmund Campion was one of the most astonishing personalities in an age of astonishing men and women. His struggle against the Elizabethan inquisition has never been fully explicated, until now. Most Catholic historians have neglected or hidden important background information about how and why Campion was sent to certain death.  • Queen Elizabeth I, a paragon of rulership for Conservatives and Liberals today (who don’t know what they’re talking about), ordered the torture of more dissidents than any other Tudor or Stuart monarch. Here is the sinister side of the celebrated monarch which Protestant and secular historians have suppressed.  Sections include: Sander’s Invasion of Ireland; Pope Pius V’s Regnans in Excelsis; Campion’s Golden Years in Prague; Prague after Campion: The Occult Imperium; Campion is ordered to England and Certain Death; The Torture Queen and Her Prey; Debating a Half-Dead Jesuit: A Tortured Dissident vs. the State’s Theologians; The Protestant Theologian Who Pleads for the Life of a Jesuit; Torture in English law; Injustice to Campion radicalizes English Catholics; and more!  Also in this issue: John Quincy Adams and Protestant Opposition to Freemasonry in the Early Republic.
USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

True and False Heroes issue  True Hero: Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer  Here are new revelations concerning the life, literature, imprisonment and struggles of the famous writer. We leave no stone unturned. Learn his poetic aesthetics, money reform and how he was railroaded into an insane asylum for twelve years. We answer those who say Pound repudiated his life’s work after his release. Here’s the biography of an exemplary man as you have not read it before. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE False Hero and Fake Conservative:  The Tridentine Judaism of Antonin Scalia . Dossier on the late Supreme Court Justice and the new subversive movement inside “traditional” Catholicism which views Judaism as more sinned against than sinning. Scalia played an out-sized role in this deadly development. A shocking investigation. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Our factual dossier, illustrated with rare documents and photos, exposes the tragic and unfortunate truth concerning the work Justice Scalia did for the other side.  USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

Did Stalin Want War with Germany in 1941? Hitler’s Struggle Against the Moloch of the Soviet Union: Options and Consequences. Michael Hoffman’s controversial new study of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union Topics include: The Communist Nazi Alliance, 1939-1941; The Role of Exterminationism in Leninism-Stalinism; NKVD Operations During Barbarossa, 1941-1942; The Commissar Order; Critique of Viktor Suvarov’s Stalin Attack Thesis; Adolf Hitler: British Agent?; Hitler, the German High Command and the Attempt to Conquer Moscow; Hitler’s Götterdammerung Fatalism; The German Defeat in Russia; and more.USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 81 Secrets of the CIA The tangled web of crime and conspiracy of Allen Dulles. Explore Allen Dulles’ networks (German Reichsbank; Bank of International Settlements; Mellon and Dupont dynasties; German Prince Maximilian Egon von Hohenlohe; Standard Oil and the CFR); his duplicitous “Nazi” image (designed to gull big fish like Heinrich Himmler); his relations with Sen. Joseph McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover and Reinhard Gehlen; as well as the role Dulles played in CIA-sponsored revolutions in Iran and Guatemala; his relationship with Sidney Gottlieb and MK-ULTRA and how Dulles used MK-ULTRA mind control on his own family. ALSO: “The Roots of Revolutionary Dictatorship in the West.” We investigate how ancient traditions of Christian nations were suddenly outlawed and punished in Elizabethan Protestant England, Revolutionary masonic France and then under Abraham Lincoln’s abolitionist rule. These revolutionary dictatorships established the precedent in place today to suddenly outlaw pride in our American heritage and make esteem for symbols and heroes of our past a hate crime.  PLUS: “Sinister Synod” -- How Pope Francis and his minions use “pastoral means” to overthrow immutable law.  AND: “Willis Carto: A Reminiscence.” Michael Hoffman remembers his years working with the late Willis Carto and Mr. Carto’s life and times. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

 HITLER HAD HIM MURDERED: GREGOR STRASSER, THE GERMAN VISIONARY WHO COULD HAVE LED HIS NATION TO A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM. The Untold History of the Exemplary Life and foul Assassination of one of the Greatest German Leaders of the 20th century. Here is history that is sure to shock, edify and enlighten in ways that readers have come to expect from Michael Hoffman’s  revisionist scholarship.  Why settle for being mentally trapped by cliches and slogans? Break out of the Right wing’s consensus-reality by studying and learning from the suppressed facts presented in this issue. Sections include: Strasser’s Spiritual Vision; Gottfried Feder and Strasser; Hitler, Strasser and Christianity; A Straight Look at the Weimar Republic; Spengler and Strasser; Strasser’s Ideology; The Night of the Long Knives. Also in this issue: "Pat Buchanan vs. Pope Francis: Capitalist Materialism as the 21st Century Ideal." And: "Press Gang Enslvement of Whites Denied." USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 79:  “JUDAISM IS GUILTY OF THAT FOR WHICH ISLAM IS ACCUSED." Here is the best, most concise refutation in print of the Necon Republican-Protestant Fundamentalist hoax about Islam being the greatest threat to America's freedom. Fact: the Dhimmi have a higher status in Islam than the goyim in Judaism. Fact: Zionist killers created in the modern era what has come to be known as Islamic-style terrorism. Fact: Talmudic law rules America, not sharia law. Fact: Judaism permits the murder of goyim. Fact: double-standard in negative revelations about religions -- harsh critics of Islam are prominently featured in mainstream publications and television programs, while critics of Judaism are banned or marginalized in the media. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Conquest of Ramadi by ISIS was made possible by the West. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Government seeks to erase biological parenthood to be replaced by gender-neutral "legal parents." This destroys children's inherent yearning to be raised by their blood relatives. This is happening in Canada now. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Hate Speech Tribunals Enforce Sodomite Supremacy; and: "Homosexuality in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"; plus: British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's views on Israeli terrorists. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Train your mind to detect fraud. And: much more! USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 78:  “TRUTH DEVOURED BY A WOLF"  16-page magazine format. Nearly 18,000 words! St. Thomas More The “Wolf Hall” TV series on PBS and two books by British author Hilary Mantel shred the reputation of St. Thomas More and rehabilitate the king’s slavish bureaucratic hatchet man, Thomas Cromwell. What are the facts behind the famous Tudor power struggle over the king’s marriage to Anne Boleyn?  What lessons in rule by Cryptocracy does this historical epoch have to teach?  Sections include: Thomas More: the saint who burned heretics and hunted booksellers; More’s involvement with the Neoplatonic Hermetic conspiracy; Hilary Mantel: false accuser; the plight of the only untarnished saint in this tale of woe: Catherine of Aragon, the queen who had been Henry’s true wife for 20 years; Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn; Did Thomas More die for the Occult Church or the Catholic Church?; Did the occult Renaissance Church of Rome work covertly for Henry’s divorce? Errors and bias in “Wolf Hall.” Did More acquit himself at the end? How Cromwell and Henry VIII created a template for tyranny, and more!  Join us on the trail of the hidden hand inside the Tudor power struggle. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

  TALMUDISM HATES FOUR PEOPLE WHO WALKED THE EARTH MORE THAN ANYONE WHO EVER LIVED  -- Who are they and why are they hated. Most Hated: 1. Jesus Christ. 2. His Blessed Mother, Mary. 3. Titus, the Roman General. 4. Isabella, the Roman Catholic Queen of Spain Michael Hoffman’s study offers new documentation on rabbinic blasphemy and institutionalized hatred of Jesus and Mary and the Cross, and explores new territory in his analysis of Talmudism’s hatred for the Romans and how we have been tricked into despising them and blaming them for the Crucifixion. Demonstrates the virtue and excellence of the great Roman General and of the next most hated “goy” in Judaic lore, Isabella of Spain.  Also in this issue: Black African Operators of the Black African Slave Trade New history of the Black Africans who did not merely “cooperate,” but were the instigators, managers and overseers of the “Gold Coast” African slave trade.  USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 76 : "CHARLIE HEBDO HYPOCRISY." Hoffman offers an insightful analysis of the contrived “clash of civilizations”narrative behind the West’s hypocritical anguish over the tragic massacre of the editors and artists of a French newspaper attacked by “Arab terrorists.” He reveals the Talmudic tunnel vision that encourages free expression against Islam and prohibits and even criminalizes criticism and doubts about rabbinic Judaism and Holocaustianity. Sections include: Thought Criminals Down the Memory Hole; Misconceptions about Freedom of Speech in Islam and Judaism; the case of Stephen Whittle and Simon Sheppard; the neocon infiltration of the churches; Theories of knowledge: does errror have rights? Cass Sunstein and the French revolutionaries didn’t think so; Christ’s own scriptural standard for judging Judaism and Islam; and more. Also in this issue: Was the Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack Engineered by the Cryptocracy? A study in anomalies. Plus: Movie Review — “American Sniper: A Sheep Dog Tricked into Serving the Wolves.” And: Censorship Watch — latest reports of writers and artists fired or prosecuted for the thought crime of “antisemitism.” Also: “Revisionist News and Notes.”
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 75 : "CORPORAL HITLER IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR." On the hundredth anniversary of the start of the fratricide, revisionist historian Michael Hoffman clears away the myths and disinformation surrounding Hitler’s military record from 1914 to 1918. What did the young Hitler actually do in the war? Did he deserve the Iron Cross?  How was he viewed by his fellow soldiers?  What were his authentic views of “the Great War”? At long last here is reliable, objective information that may surprise you, based on the latest cutting edge research and testimony. Also in this issue: “Resurrection Denial: A Cosmic Evil in Our Midst.” Government, the Churches and the media all obsess about and denounce “Holocaust denial” while the organized denial of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ merits little or no protest or outrage. The latest manifestation of the organized deniers is found in the Israeli book, “The Last Gospel,” timed to coincide with Christmas and arguing that Christ had a wife. Plus: The Republican roots of Obama’s Immigration Amnesty.
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 74 RIGHT WING MYTHS WITH AN ENDLESS SHELF LIFE." Was John Calvin a "Jew"? Were the English Puritans who overthrew King Charles I agents of the Judaic Money Power?  Did Oliver Crowell readmit the Judaics to England? Many non-Zionist Right-wingers believe the answer to all three of these questions is yes. It is our hope that uncovering these Big Lies will serve to illustrate a defective epistemology. Throughout history deep-cover forces of the Cryptocracy have co-opted personnel and organizations we imagine are on the side of the good and the true. The more our people burn out from suckering in for these counterfeits, the more they fail to show up for battle. In this issue we investigate one particular set of these counterfeits, the better to hone our powers of discernment. By offering training in the detection of counterfeit history and the extent to which we have been snookered by respectable, highly esteemed authors such as Hilaire Belloc, and Capt. Archibald Ramsay in his book The Nameless War, we hope to inoculate our readers against the legion of Right wing dupes and one-track minds churning out misleading and erroneous data which engenders confusion and tends to discredit us. 20 page magazine. 
USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 73 “MASONIC AMERICA: THE MORMON BRANCH OF THE BROTHERHOOD." The clandestine history of the Mormons never before revealed: • Mormon Pledge to Destroy America. • "Consecrated" thieving from "gentiles." • Joseph and Hyrum Smith: Master Masons. • Joseph Smith's 37 wives. •Newspaper disagrees with the Mormons: they destroy it • The actual reason why Smith was was murdered.• Mormon Glen Beck leads Conservatives down Israeli dead end • "Kingdom of Deseret" continues to rise in the American West and inside the US government. Also in this issue: “White skin privilege”? What about the 82 white laborers who were killed in Washington state in the 1930s and then completely forgotten? Hoffman memorializes their history. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 72 “9/11 TERROR ALCHEMY.” S.K. Bain has built on our book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare to further investigate the 9/11 terror attacks as “Mega-Ritual” — the brain-scrambling occult synaesthesia now embedded in the American psyche as a result of the infernal marriage of Satanism and  psychological warfare. Here’s the best analysis extant of what George Bush was doing in Florida when the Twin Towers were hit.  Also in this issue: the false flag “poison gas” attack that was intended to induce the US to cross Obama’s “red line,” and how it ties in to Benghazi. Also: Race Against the Machine; Satan at Harvard; and: “Jesus had a wife” hoax exposed; and more! USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

“WHEN GOD SPOKE GREEK.” An Account of the Suppression of the Original Biblical Text of the Church. In the Septuagint Scriptures the early Christians saw a divinely established redoubt whose providential manifestation among Jesus and His apostles forever marked it with Yahweh’s imprimatur. Contrasting the Septuagint with the Hebrew Masorete and Latin Vulgate versions. Why does the Septuagint have almost no place in the western Church today? Also: Michelangelo’s derogation of Moses based on the Vulgate. Plus: Masonic corruption of British Police; 60s radicals who opposed homosexuality; Assassination of Jock Yablonski.
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 70 “RABBINIC CURSE ON CHRISTIANS” Denied for centuries, this curse from the misnamed "Amidah blessings" is now documented. Judaica scholar Michael Hoffman explores Orthodox Judaism's theological antagonism toward Christianity, from the days of Rabbi Gamaliel onward, and which remains in effect in our time. Offers incontrovertible evidence of the hostility which Talmudism harbors for the West, which it ritually curses as malkhut zadon (the "empire of insolence"). Also in this issue: A survey of the secret, ancient and largely unknown alliance between Talmudism and Islam. The American Right imagines that the followers of the Talmud are united to the West culturally and has good will toward the U.S. in particular. The truth of the matter is very different, as Hoffman demonstrates with his usual exactitude. Plus: A distinguished Black journalist deconstructs the Hollywood Movie "12 Years a Slave." USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 69 KING-KILL/33 FIFTY YEARS LATER: SYMBOLISM, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AND REVELATIONS IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00 Offers unique insights into the theatre of masonic mind control in which the murder of our President was situated for purposes of psychological warfare against the American people. 20 page magazine. Illustrated.USA price $11.00. Canada: $12.00. Foreign: $13.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 68: "KINGDOM OF KIDNAPPERS — THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE BRITISH NAVAL ENSLAVEMENT OF WHITES." Between 1688 and 1815 about a quarter million white people became the slaves of Britain's mercantile-military sea power. Hoffman furnishes a fascinating new history of this astonishing, little known crime, and the elite “Conservative” intellectuals who condoned it, even as they railed against the enslavement of Black people. Plus: Hoffman’s Usury book reviewed by economist Dr. Anthony Santelli.USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 67: "DANTE ALIGHIERI: TRIBUNE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND TARGET OF DAN BROWN'S FALSIFICATION." Hoffman serves as your guide through the politically incorrect and suppressed passages in Dante’s The Inferno and offers readers the scintillating “Challenge of Dante Alighieri's Equation." If you didn’t study Dante in school here is your chance to acquaint yourself with the profound wisdom of this Christian sage. Also: Michael demolishes Dan Brown's best-selling book, Inferno, showing that Brown's novel is a manifesto for a population control agenda that surpasses the CFR, U.N. and Club of Rome. Brown's New World Order propaganda urges sterilizing one-third of mankind by means of a new Black Plague — a virus created in a laboratory. Also in this issue: "Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Timeline: Stagecraft and Terrorcraft," and more.USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 66: THE LAST RIGHTFUL KING OF ENGLAND — WHO KILLED THE REPUTATION OF RICHARD III? WHY IT STILL MATTERS. Here‘s the adventure we’re talking about! USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 65: LUTHER AND ZINSKAUF: GERMAN REFORMATION IN THE STRUGGLE OVER USURY. Luther’s early and later positions against greed and the Money Power, documented. So many lies have told about Luther in this regard. No bull, just facts: where he erred and where he was right.
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 64: MODERN GERMAN AND ISLAMIC RESISTANCE TO USURY. What is the true view of interest on loans of money among Nazi philosophers and Muslim theologians? Hoffman excavates the actual teachings of Nazi economists and traditional Islam. Original research found nowhere else. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 (more newsletter issues are listed below).


JUDAISM DISCOVERED: A STUDY OF THE ANTI-BIBLICAL RELIGION OF RACISM, SELF-WORSHIP, SUPERSTITION AND DECEIT By Michael Hoffman. Textbook-size, with 1,102 pages of the most comprehensive 21st century investigation of Judaism in English. Massive Softcover. 164 illustrations. 1,194 notes. Indexed for easy reference. A graduate course in the advanced study of Judaism! USA price $51.95 + shipping. Canada: $99.95 postpaid. Foreign: $119.95 postpaid. 

USURY IN CHRISTENDOM: THE MORTAL SIN THAT WAS AND NOW IS NOT. Christianity banned interest on loans of money from A.D. 33 to 1515, until those who had infiltrated the Renaissance Church of Rome betrayed the Gospel and permitted interest on loans — which gave rise to the Money Power which oppresses us with debt so onerously today. This history has never before been written. Required reading for everyone who desires to learn the root (not just the symptoms) of the love of money — the greatest evil of all evils. “Hoffman's historical documentation is impressive...” — Anthony Santelli, PhD. Softcover. 416 pages. USA price $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $29.95 postpaid. Foreign: $35.00 postpaid.  . 

By Dr. Alexander McCaul, Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinic Literature, King’s College, London. The preachers and popes of Judeo-Churchianity cannot refute this book! Proves Judaism is not of Moses. The most convincing and comprehensive Christian textbook on Judaism since Eisenmenger. “An apologetic and polemic almost without rival.” —Walter Riggans, Biographical Dictionary. Softcover. 715 pages. USA Price: $29.95 + shipping. Canada: $55.00 postpaid. Overseas: $65.00 postpaid. 

KING/KILL 33. By James Shelby Downard and Michael Hoffman. The authors argue that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was ultimately masonic. 41 photocopied pages in a ring-binder format. USA Price: $19.95 + shipping. Canada: $29.95 postpaid. Overseas: $36.95 postpaid. 

THE ROLE OF THE MERCHANTS OF VENOMThe Trend Toward Shadow Play in the Resistance to Judaism and Zionism, by Michael Hoffman. How the Cryptocracy seeds auto destruction and self-sabotage among militant anti-Zionist Christians who sucker in for hating their enemies. A very original, unusual and surgical expose of the inner mechanics of the Cryptocracy. Pamphlet, 36 pages. USA price $12.95 + shipping. Canada: $18.95 postpaid. Foreign: $22.95 postpaid. 

THE TRADITIONS OF THE JEWS by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger. Excerpts published in English from Eisenmenger's German-language masterwork, Entdecktes Judenthum. First time in print in more than 250 years! This facsimile reprint of the 1748 condensed English edition, includes a 90 page introduction and annotated bibliography by Michael Hoffman on Eisenmenger's influence and his place within the Christian Enlightenment. Important Note: The facsimile text of this book is in the old-fashioned 18th century typeface in which the letter "f" resembles the letter "s."  Massive paperback. 872 pages. USA price $49.95 + shipping. Canada: $89.95 postpaid. Foreign: $109 postpaid. 

THEY WERE WHITE AND THEY WERE SLAVES: THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF THE ENSLAVEMENT OF WHITES IN EARLY AMERICA by Michael Hoffman. This remarkable, pioneering history book traces the suppressed record of the slave trade in Whites, hundreds of thousands of whom were kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death in colonial America and industrial Britain. Hoffman makes a compelling case for the fact that millions of American whites alive today are also descendants of slaves, the white slaves. Paperback, illustrated 137 pp. USA Price: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $26.95 postpaid. Overseas: $31.95 postpaid.

THE GREAT HOLOCAUST TRIAL: THE LANDMARK BATTLE FOR THE RIGHT TO DOUBT THE WEST'S MOST SACRED RELIC. By Michael Hoffman. Expanded edition of the classic account of the trials of Ernst Zundel and the testimony that shocked the world. Paperback. Illustrated. 182 pp. $18.95 USA price: $18.95 + shipping. Canada: $29.00 postpaid. Overseas: $35.00 postpaid.

JEFFERSON AND/OR MUSSOLINI. By Ezra Pound. A galvanizing book by one of the West’s most eminent writers, who was also a lifelong campaigner for economic reform. Out of print for 40 years. Paperback. 128 pages. USA price: $18.95 + shipping. Canada: $26.00 postpaid. Overseas: $28.00 postpaid.

SECRET SOCIETIES & PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. By Michael Hoffman. The classic book, which illuminates the crimes and command ideology of the masonic Cryptocracy. "...the most challenging expose of masonic magic ever written." -- Lloyd Miller, A-Albionic Research. USA price: $18.95 + shipping. Canada: $31.95 postpaid. Overseas: $36.95 postpaid.

PROP MASTERS - JUDAIC COMMUNISTS: THE DOCUMENTARY RECORD. By Michael Hoffman. Adds new fuel to the fire of revelation concerning the hidden ethnic identity of the founders and directors of the Soviet Communist holocaust against Christians and gentiles in Russia and Eastern Europe. Numerous guilty personnel are named and documented. 16 pp. Illustrated. USA price $9.00 + shipping. Canada: $14.00 Foreign: $16.50 postpaid. 

MASONIC ASSASSINATION. By Michael Hoffman. Three famous people killed by Freemasons —Mormon founder Joseph Smith, literary great Edgar Allan Poe and the anti-masonic writer, Capt. William Morgan. Illustrated. 29 pp. USA price $8.50 + shipping. Canada: $15.00 postpaid. Foreign: $20.00 postpaid. 

HATE WHITEY: THE CINEMA OF DEFAMATION. By Michael Hoffman. Documented lists of TV programs and movies that degrade, libel or otherwise dehumanize whites, Christians, Germans and Gentiles. A synopsis is provided for each one. 52 pp. Illustrated. USA price $14.95 + shipping. Canada: $19.95 postpaid. Foreign: $24.95 postpaid. 

JUDAISM’S STRANGE GODS. 381 page book — a condensation for the general reader of the much larger book Judaism Discovered, and with new information added. Paperback, illustrated, with notes and glossary. 381 pages. One copy: USA price: $18.95 + shipping. Canada: $29.00 postpaid. Overseas: $35.00 postpaid.

PAMPHLET: WILLIAM PRYNNE’S “SHORT DEMURRER” AGAINST THE READMISSION OF JUDAICS TO ENGLAND (CONDENSED). This is a synopsis consisting of notes summarizing Prynne’s rare, 187 page book published in 1656 against Cromwell’s scheme. Also includes a sketch of the life of the remarkable author, William Prynne. Pamphlet. 32 pages. USA price $10.50 + shipping. Canada: $17.00 postpaid. Foreign: $20.00 postpaid. (See Revisionist History no. 74 for more about the pivotal Prynne).

BILL O’REILLY’S MIDRASH ON JESUS: HOFFMAN’S NOTES ON O’REILLY’S PRO-PHARISEE WHITEWASH, THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS. 20 pages (newsletter format). Illustrated. USA price: $8.00 + shipping. Canada: $15.00 postpaid. Overseas: $18.00


LIPSTADT, AMALEK AND IRVING Michael Hoffman's Labor Day 2001 speech at the Real History conference. Cincinnati, Ohio. Introduction and Afterword by David Irving. 36 minutes. USA prices: Audio CD $9.95 + shipping. DVD: USA $15.95 + shipping. 25.95. Canada 25.95 postpaid. Overseas: 28.95 postpaid.

THE MYSTERY OF GOBEKLI TEPE. Michael presents his study of the oldest known temple in the world, located in southeastern Turkey and estimated to have been built between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago. He regards it as a hieroglyphic mythogram from deep antiquity which serves as storage media for some of earth’s most profound mysteries. 45 minutes. $16.95. DVD: USA: $15.95 + shipping. 25.95. Canada: 25.95 postpaid. Overseas: 28.95 postpaid.

JUDAISM IS GUILTY OF THAT FOR WHICH ISLAM IS ACCUSED. Ask the average Judeo-“Christian,” Which is worse, Judaism or Islam? and 9 times out of 10 they’ll say, Islam. Hoffman turns the tables by returning to the roots of both religions to contrast and compare their fundamental belief systems. He demonstrates that Talmudic-Judaism is guilty of most of the charges leveled against the religion of the Muslims. 45 minutes. DVD: US:A $15.95 + shipping. 25.95. Canada: 25.95 postpaid. Overseas: 28.95 postpaid.

TWO DVD set: “HISTORY OF CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT USURY” College-level course. Nearly two hours. In this fascinating lecture, given at Lansing, Michigan in April of 2015, historian Michael Hoffman covers the contents of his book “Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not” and answers challenging questions from the audience. Here is a unique opportunity to learn and understand what Christ, the Bible, the medieval thinkers and the Church taught about profit from loans and how that sacred doctrine, faithfully upheld for nearly 1500 years, was first overthrown by the situation ethics of revolutionary change agents within the Church of Rome. Hoffman’s history of how God’s law was slowly whittled away and how usurious bankers began to choose the personnel of the Church at the highest levels, represents a detailed rebuttal to the laissez-faire Shylock economics which today controls the Conservative movement, the Church of Rome and most Protestant churches, rendering us impotent against our plutocratic enemies, and making a mockery of true Christianity. In color and digitally recorded before a live audience. Approximately two hours. Set of two DVDs: USA: $19.95 + shipping. Canada $26.95 postpaid. Overseas: $34.95 postpaid.

Michael Hoffman Talks About Usury 
The author of the book
Usury in Christendom gives a passionate talk in a private home on interest on debt in light of Biblical doctrine and western history. Production values are not high on this DVD, but the content is! 34 minutes. USA: $15.95 + shipping. 25.95. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid

THE SEDUCTION OF JUDEO-"CHRISTIANITY" BY ORTHODOX JUDAISM. Speech at the America’s Promise Bible Conference. Speech at Sandpoint, Idaho, July 27, 2013. Michael Hoffman makes it clear: there is no possibility of an alliance between Christianity and Judaism, even on issues such as family values or “faith initiatives,” as deluded “Conservatives” imagine. Marshaling devastating facts based on fifteen years of research, Hoffman, the author of Judaism Discovered and Judaism’s Strange Gods, demonstrates Orthodox Judaism’s hidden side: child molestation, homosexuality, blasphemy against Jesus and Mary, Messiah-denial, deprecation of the Biblical patriarchs, including Moses; as well as magic and paganism. Includes questions from the congregation at America’s Promise Bible Church in Idaho, and Hoffman’s answers. A terrific short course in what Judaism truly represents, with new insights suitable for veteran combatants in this crucial spiritual and ideological battle, as well as grace-filled enlightenment for your church group or Protestant fundamentalist and Catholic neo-conservative friends, relatives and contacts. 49 fast-paced minutes with the teacher who Mickey Henry of Tribal Theocrat calls, “Christendom’s foremost living scholar of rabbinic Judaism.” 49 minutes. DVD: USA: $15.95 + shipping. 25.95. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

A Conversation with Ditlieb Felderer (Two DVD set). Mr. Felderer, who is a descendant of a distinguished Judaic family, is interviewed by Hoffman concerning World War II history and what it means to think independently. A stimulating evening with a brilliant independent thinker and investigator, even if we don't agree with everything he says. Approx. two hours on two digitally remastered DVDs. USA: $19.95 + shipping. Canada $26.95 postpaid. Overseas: $34.95 postpaid.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT JUDAISM. 48 minute interview with Michael Hoffman on Napa, California television channel 28. Interviewed by Wayne Morin, Jr. DVD: USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $27.95 postpaid. Overseas: $29.95 postpaid.

A CRITICAL STUDY OF JUDAISM - LIVE FROM SAN JOSE - SLIDESHOW ON DVD. Expanded edition of Hoffman's intensive scholarly course on the religion of Judaism, illustrated with a power-point presentation featuring enlarged photos of relevant proof-texts from the Babylonian Talmud and rabbinic halacha; filmed before an audience in San Jose, Calif. More than 100 min. of inside information. Two DVDs. USA: $19.95 + shipping. Canada: $27.95 postpaid. Overseas: $29.95 postpaid

BIBLICAL LAW AND CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT VIEWS ON USURY. Hoffman's speech on the “Money Power” at America's Promise Church in Idaho. Clarifies the classic, conservative Protestant position on usury, contrary to "spirit of capitalism" disinformation. Approximately 60 minutes. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

THE JUDAIC ROLE IN THE BLACK SLAVE TRADE. History Prof. Tony Martin's brilliant speech nails the hidden Judaic role in the trans-Atlantic trade in African slaves. Introduction by Michael Hoffman. Approx. one hour. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

GOD'S POWER POLITICS. By Michael Hoffman. Powerful oration before a capacity crowd is a stinging wake-up call to the white separatists. Hoffman's take on the white race and his analysis of the future and prospects of whites are unlike anything you've ever heard. Approx. 57 min. DVD. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

THE OCCULT PHILOSOPHY. Michael Hoffman's 1987 speech in Anaheim, California is one of his earliest anti-occult statements, an extensive survey of the Conspiracy, unraveling "the occult counter-church whose rules are more rigid than the ‘uptight’ Church it claims to oppose." 60 minutes. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

DEBORAH LIPSTADT, "AMALEK" AND DAVID IRVING. Michael Hoffman's speech Labor Day 2001 at the Real History conference in Cincinnati, Ohio traces the history of "Amalek" in recondite Judiac lore and indicts the theory behind it as the “missing link” in grasping Zionist assassinations and the persecution of WWII revisionist historians like David Irving. Introduction and Afterword by Mr. Irving. 36 minutes.DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid. (Also available on audio CD)

HOFFMAN INTERVIEWED ON TV BY ZUNDEL. Ernst Zündel engages Michael Hoffman in two lively discussions of Hoffman's books: They Were White and They Were Slaves and The Great Holocaust Trial. Approx. one hour. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN ON MICHIGAN CABLE TELEVISION. One hour interview with the late Joseph Sobran's colleague, John Mangopoulos. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

DVD: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TALMUD DEBATE. Part One consists of a 20-minute video of a lecture given at Oxford University by Dr. Asaf Yedidya: "Nazi Attacks On The Talmud: Anti-Semitic Readings of Jewish Texts."  Dr. Yedidya is "lecturer in Jewish History at the Center for Jewish Studies at Bar-Ilan University." Part Two is a 19-minute video of Christian scholar Michael Hoffman's response to Dr. Asaf Yedidya's lecture. In his reply, Hoffman points out the use of misdirection and censored texts in the Oxford lecture and the inaccuracies and omissions employed in order to demonize Talmud critics and uphold the alleged benevolence of the Talmud Bavli. 40 min. total. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

THE TALMUDIC PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS BY THE FOLLOWERS OF ORTHODOX JUDAISM. Brief DVD shows Orthodox Judaics harassing Christians and blaspheming the name of Jesus; as well as arson against a Christian mission. Scenes of bigotry and hatred for Christ and Christians, with the most virulent hostility reserved for those who convert from Judaism to Christianity. 24 minutes. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

WORLD WAR TWO REVISIONIST CHARLES PROVAN. Interviewed by Michael Hoffman. The late Charles Provan was an authority on Nazi SS Judge Konrad Morgen. Provan discusses anomalies in the official history of WWII in light of Morgen's investigative career. He spotlights many hidden and forbidden facts about World War War II. Approx. 55 min. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

ISSUES IN BIBLICAL EXEGESIS. Bible scholar Charles D. Provan is interviewed concerning sensitive Scriptural issues, including what the Bible and the early Church teach about homosexuality, abortion, masturbation and birth control. In part two, Provan discusses the conditional nature of Biblical prophecy, misuse of the Bible by pro-Zionist fundamentalists; the thickets of Pauline theology, Nietzsche's critique of Christianity; race and nationalism, destruction of the 2nd temple and the drive to build the 3rd Temple. Due to mature nature of the topics this is for adults only. Approx. 45 minutes. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

GOLDSTEIN'S MASSACRE AT THE MOSQUE. Raw footage and newscasts tell of the now-forgotten Israeli terrorist Baruch Goldstein, the mass murderer who slaughtered 40 Palestinian civilians in 1994. Watch as Israeli settlers applaud the bloodshed in a most depraved and callous manner. Must-see evidence of the mentality which the Talmud generates. DVD. USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

TURNING THE TABLES ON THE SYSTEM'S CONSENSUS. Michael Hoffman speaks about Judaics and Communism; the Diary of Anne Frank; the Protocols; “Idaho in a Human Rights Pressure Cooker” and how to turn the tables on those who stigmatize us. Approx. 49 min. DVD.USA: $15.95 + shipping. Canada: $25.95 postpaid. Overseas: $28.95 postpaid.

RUSSIAN TELEVISION INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL HOFFMAN. Russia's "RT" satellite TV network asked Hoffman to appear and analyze the crisis in Libya. Here is the whole broadcast. Important Note: this DVD is brief: only 5 minutes 22 seconds. DVD.USA: $12.95 + shipping. Canada: $21.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.


JFK CONSPIRACY RADIO Clyde Lewis interviews Michael Hoffman and fields call-in questions on many aspects of the occult "King-Kill/33" John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy. Nationally broadcast for the 50th anniversary, on the "Ground Zero" radio program, Nov. 21. Hoffman's only recorded discussion of his research on this subject. Two Audio CD set: 84 minutes. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

: Hoffman excavates the homosexual insurrection in American law from the perspective of Communist revolutionary tyranny, Newspeak nomenclature, and the heretofore unaccounted connection between the widespread use of contraception in heterosexual marriage and the acceptance of sterile homosexual “matrimony.” Sodomite “marriage” is one of the most ruinous revolutionary acts of defiance of God ever to be judicially legislated —the Talmudic form of law making— in the USA. Here is powerful and unique information which arms the listener with insights seldom considered. Stand up for Western Civilization in opposition to the new barbarians and their Anal America. Audio CD. Approximately 54 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

9 CD set: ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES: A dramatic reading by Michael Hoffman. Luther's controversial diatribe against Judaism is available for the first time in English, complete and uncensored, featuring former ABC News radio broadcaster Hoffman in a stereo recording of his live performance of Luther's incendiary, book-length polemic. Also includes an introductory CD presenting a revisionist history of Luther's relationship with Judaism, contending that On the Jews and their Lies was composed when Luther was at the height of his mental powers and that it was fully representative of his Reformation theology. Hoffman clarifies Luther's position and presents the pros and cons of Luther's teachings on Judaism and Judaic persons. Boxed set of 9 audio CDs. More than 8 hours of listening. USA: $55.95 + shipping. Canada: $64.95 postpaid. Overseas: $74.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN INTRODUCES POE AND READS FROM HIS WORKS. 1. Hoffman's Introduction to the life of Edgar Allan Poe. 2. Hoffman reads The Cask of Amontillado and The Raven. Audio CD. 37 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

CRAIG HEIMBICHNER ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: 2005 radio interview. Probing the roots of the secret societies such as Freemasons and the OTO that exist to serve Kabbalistic Judaism. Alchemy, group mind, Skull and Bones, John Dee, Michael Hoffman, and more. 57 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN ON THE ALEX JONES RADIO SHOW. Michael was invited to appear on the nationally broadcast Alex Jones Show to discuss his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves. After that interview, he was invited back for a second program with Jones, concentrating on a discussion of Judaism, occult secret societies and mind control. Here are both programs on 3 audio CDs. Approximate running time is 3 hours. USA: $24.95 + shipping. Canada: $29.95 postpaid. Overseas: $32.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN ON "THE EDGE" RADIO PROGRAM. Wide-ranging conversation and listener’s questions as Hoffman explains and defends revisionist history methods, attacks the bankruptcy of the presidential election campaign and delves into the evils of Orthodox Judaism. Host Daniel Ott probes and challenges 108 min. Two CDs. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

SKULL AND BONES CHRISTIANITY AND OTHER 21st CENTURY ANOMALIES. Hoffman offers an inspirational overview of the challenges we face since 9/11, considering our strategic and tactical position from a revisionist perspective, assessing the extent of the advance of mind control over the American people and what can be done. CD Approx. 60 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

SPIRITUAL ISRAEL OR CARNAL ISRAEL? RBN RADIO NETWORK. 70 minute interview and call-in as Hoffman tackles tough questions about salvation, the words of St. Paul and the priority of the Gospel. Essential teaching CD. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

A CHRISTIAN ANALYZES NEWSPEAK. In this talk Hoffman deconstructs the heretic-hunting "Holocaust denier" nomenclature of the New World Order and how it functions to suppress knowledge. Analyzes the compulsory, idolatrous religion of Holocaustianity, which disguises itself as history. A challenge to Christians who have supported the uncharitable vilification of fellow Christians who have honest doubts about World War Two “Jewish fables” (Titus 1:14). USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

IN DEFENSE OF ROBERT E. LEE. Hoffman on the Jeff Rense Radio Show. A dynamic defense against libel of the noble Confederate general shown in a PBS TV documentary now being used in our nation’s public schools to degrade his memory. Hoffman buttresses Lee’s good name and reputation based on the historical record. Approx. 40 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

ACADEMIC FREEDOM/TALMUDIC MENTALITY: Two revisionist talks by Hoffman. 1. Academic Freedom and “Holocaust’ Denial” Newspeak. 2. Suffering Sweepstakes: Talmudic Mentality in World War II History. The YouTube version of this talk is banned in Germany. 28 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

MASQUERADER’S JEST. Hoffman takes the occult principle of satirical mocking of victims and applies it to George W. Bush’s “commander in comedy” role at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner, in which Bush pretended to search the White House for the weapons of mass destruction. Exposes Rudyard Kipling’s book Kim as a handbook for the CIA. A powerfully insightful teaching on the nature of the Cryptocracy. Digitially remastered. Combine this CD along with the CD “Inside the 9/11 Conspiracy” for a master class in detecting patterns of mind control and symbol manipulation. 70 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN ON THE SPINGOLA RADIO SHOW. Talk-radio patriot Deanna Spingola hosts Hoffman on satellite radio as they discuss Talmudic control, “antisemitism,” the Constitution, and the ultimate “Jew-haters” — Right-wing Judeo-Christians — while fielding calls and questions from listeners across the USA. Approx. 40 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE DOUBLE-MIND IN OCCULT PHILOSOPHY. Craig Heimbichner unlocks the key to how both the Right and the Left form two pillars of the Kabbalah's master plan for inducing schizophrenia. This is a lecture intended for advanced students of the conspiracy. Approximately 55 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

EISENMENGER AND HIS BANNED WORK. Hoffman explains the significance of Eisenmenger's incomparable research and underscores why we should preserve the memory of this heroic German scholar and colossus of learning, who dedicated his life to truth and surpassed the rabbis in knowledge of their own texts. Hoffman recounts details on Eisenmenger and Lutheran Hebraism, and Stehelin and his legacy as an Enlightenment erúdit, as well as providing an account of the ban on the book, and its checkered publishing history. 70 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

INSIDE THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY. Speech at Sandpoint, Idaho, July, 2002. Hoffman unties the gordian knot that is the Cryptocracy's Towering Inferno Great Game. He details the deceptions and psychological warfare intrinsic to the Sept. 11 gambit. Hoffman's insights teach the listener how to detect and anticipate occult patterns and government conspiracy. Approx. 54 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE COLUMBINE MATRIX. Decoding the Colorado School Massacre Looks beneath the headlines to uncover the culprits & the "Revelation of the Method" behind the spectacular April 20, 1999 attack. Two audio CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE TALMUD IN THE RENAISSANCE. Michael Hoffman focuses on the attitudes of the 16th century popes, the controversy between Reuchlin, Erasmus and Pfefferkorn, Judaic agents at the top of the church hierarchy and Hoffman's assertion that the Catholic Church was the main publisher of the Talmud in this period. 54 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

CHIEFTAINS AND PRINCESSES. Social criticism of dumpy Americans: sloppy clothing, sloppy thinking and the dumbing down of our culture beginning with lack of self-respect. Hoffman argues for a return to traditional standards which ennoble our people into "chieftains and princesses." Approx. 75 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

WORLD WAR II REVISIONIST HANS SCHMIDT. In 1944, 16 year old Hans Schmidt volunteered for the combat arm of the Waffen SS. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and in Hungary against the Red Army. Twice wounded, consigned to an American concentration camp after the war and jailed in Germany for his writings, this is his riveting testimony. Approx. 60 min. Two Audio CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

WHITE SLAVE LABOR IN EARLY AMERICA. Extends Hoffman's research in his book They Were White and They Were Slaves. Two Audio CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

THE JUDAIC MENTALITY. Hoffman explores this controversial topic in fully documented, fascinating scholarly lectures which provide insight as never before. If you’ve ever experienced the maddening double-standard of the “forever persecuted ones” but couldn’t pin it down to your satisfaction, here is the information you need. Set of four CDs. Approx. 3 hours. USA: $29.95 + shipping. Canada: $39.95 postpaid. Overseas: $44.95 postpaid.

CHAMELEON JUDAISM: HOW DISSIMULATION IS INSTITUTIONALIZED IN RABBINIC TRADITION. Hoffman analyzes camouflage and trickery in Judaism. Edited from 5 hours of talks. 68 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE CURSE OF LIBERALISM. How liberals are destroyed by the worldwide degeneracy that has swept our culture. Hoffman analyzes the fundamentally suicidal nature of liberalism. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

HATE CRIMES HYSTERIA: THE NEO-BOLSHEVIK GAMBIT. The imposition of dictatorship under a mask of humanism. This talk analyzes the process whereby activists are cleverly branded "haters" by their political rivals. Approx. 85 min. Two CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

THE CRAFT OF THE HISTORIAN PARTS I & II. Part I: The Philosophy of Anomaly. Part II: The Philosophy of Analogous Paradox. I: Hoffman expounds the basis for his method of historiography, proposing a new yardstick for discovering and discerning the past. II: He delves deeper into his historical method by contrasting two case studies from Catholic and Puritan history to establish his theory of "analogous paradox" as a means for the pursuit of pure truth. Total time: approx. 110 min. Two CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN ON THE BOB GRANT SHOW. Michael stands up for the truth and fields questions from irate New York Zionists in this sizzling exchange with radio host Bob Grant and his large metro-NY listening audience. Warning: this broadcast was recorded off the radio and sound quality is adequate, but not perfect. Approx. 45 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

Religion of Judaism Part 1: Based on the first part of Hoffman’s book, Judaism’s Strange Gods. Excellent review of his study of Judaism’s distortion and usurpation of the Old Testament. Religion of Judaism Part 2: Lieberman’s Strange Gods. Reveals the teachings of the Midrash concerning Noah and the Noachide Laws. Approx. 58 min. Religion of Judaism Part 3: Jesus, the Talmud & Biblical Nullification. Approx. 57 min. Religion of Judaism Part 4: The Talmud and the US Constitution; the Talmud and the King James Bible. Approx. 55 min. Religion of Judaism Part 5: Physical and Spiritual Israel; Demolishing the Premises of Judeo-Churchianity Approx. 50 min. The Complete set of Religion of Judaism: Parts 1--5 (as above): Five Audio CDs: USA: $34.95 + shipping. Canada: $49.95 postpaid. Overseas: $55.95 postpaid. [Parts 2 and 3 are also available on DVD].

APOCALYPSE 2000: MILLENNIAL MADNESS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE PARTS I AND II. Hoffman’s accurate assessment of the Y2K problem, recorded in 1999. Approximately 105 minutes. Two Audio CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

THE THREE FREEDOMS. Analyzes three freedoms that we must utilize to take control of our national destiny. Hoffman believes these three freedoms will put us on the road to our own nation, if we would use them. Recorded in 1999. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

MAGIC & PAGANISM IN THE REIGN OF ELIZABETH I. Hoffman’s deconstruction of the masonic regime of Queen Elizabeth I and her “Astrologer Royal” John Dee who, in in 1585, pledged the government of Britain to the service of the occult establishment, in an infernal compact with Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague. Approx. 28 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL: A SKETCH OF HIS LIFE AND TIMES. By Michael Hoffman. Two Audio CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

THE JEW HATERS WHO WROTE THE TALMUD. Hoffman’s speech on the rabbinic laws on menstruation. These Talmudic rules are so oppressive they constitute a curse on Jewish persons--hence only a "Jew hater" could have written them! Adults only. Approx. 40 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE SCIENTIST AND THE GAS CHAMBERS: GERMAR RUDOLF. Discussion by former Max Planck Institute chemist of the Auschwitz gas chamber claims. Rudolf, a PhD. candidate in chemistry, was imprisoned for years in Germany for doubting the gassings. Here is his testimony. Two Audio CDs. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

ZIONISM, RACISM AND THE BEIRUT MASSACRE. Vintage Hoffman broadcast from 1982 when he worked for the Associated Press and a New York radio station. He was fired and blacklisted after this broadcast aired. 40 minutes. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE THREE RABBIS. Listen in on a seminar intended for rabbis only. Rabbi I: Offers lesson from pre-war Poland on how to handle the goyim. Analyzes usefulness of conservatives and churches to Judaism. Rabbi II: Danger of seeing Palestinians as semites. Raises alarm over appropriation by anti-Zionists of words Zionists reserve to their own use. Rabbi III: Analyzes how Zionists are losing control of the colleges. 50 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE RADICAL REVISIONISTS: FAURISSON & HOFFMAN. Interviews of revisionist historians Michael Hoffman and Prof. Robert Faurisson: hear their witty critiques of modernity, Judaic supremacy and the “Holohoax.” Audio CD. 70 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

HOFFMAN & TEXE MARRS 2009. Radio Evangelist Texe Marrs discusses Hoffman’s book “Judaism Discovered” with the author. 2 hrs. Two CDs. USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

JUDAISM IS NOT THE RELIGION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. Radio evangelist Texe Marrs discusses Hoffman’s book “Judaism’s Strange Gods” with the author. A persuasive recording for deprogramming “Judeo-Christians.” 60 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

HATRED AND RACISM IN THE RELIGION OF JUDAISM. Hoffman on the Rick Adams Talk Show, Wale 990 am. Topics covered: What is the Talmud? Revelation of the Method. Judaic Supremacy. Holocaustianity. Audio CD.USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

HOLOCAUST NEWSPEAK. Michael Hoffman’s speech in Tampa, Florida. A ground-breaking analysis of the Orwellian roots of the application of the word "Holocaust" to WWII history, as well as pointers on how to counter this Newspeak. Approx. 45 min. Audio CD. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. Michael Hoffman’s speech in Golden, Colorado. 50 minutes of hair-raising revelations at the core of modern occult technology and the Kennedy assassination. Audio CD. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

THE POPULATION BOMB. The demographic decline of Caucasians and what can be done about it. Two Audio CDs.USA: $17.95 + shipping. Canada: $12.95 postpaid. Overseas: $24.95 postpaid.

THE JUDAIC ROLE IN THE BLACK SLAVE TRADE. Lecture by Dr. Tony Martin, Professor of African History at Wellesley College. Martin is a superb orator and this speech is of great interest. Approx. 65 min. CD: USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.
(also available on DVD)

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT JUDAISM WITH MICHAEL HOFFMAN. Recorded in the aftermath of Hoffman's slideshow on Judaism which he presented to a conference of Mennonites in Charlotte, North Carolina. Audience members ask Hoffman probing questions on Messianic and Reform Judaism, the Kabbalah, Islam, and Judaics who form alliances with church-goers. Audio CD. Approx. 25 min. USA: $9.95 + shipping. Canada: $15.95 postpaid. Overseas: $17.95 postpaid.

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REVISIONIST HISTORY COLLECTOR'S EDITION, NO. 1. NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST--SOUTHERN SUPERMAN. He was a frontiersman, Wizard of the Saddle and Grand Wizard. A new revisionist life of Forrest. 20 pages. Glossy magazine format. Illustrated. $15.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 2. MAN WHO NEVER WAS: How British Intelligence Perpetrated One of the Most Successful WWII Deception Operations Ever Mounted. Also: Profile of the anarcho-libertarian, revisionist historian L.A. Rollins. $7.00 p.p.

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 3. BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED BERLIN. How the Allies Sought to Exterminate the German People After World War Two. This is a full-length, illustrated review of James Bacque's book, Crimes and Mercies. Also: When Jews Gas Arabs is it a Holocaust?: Autopsying Mossad's Murder Machinery.” $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 4. LADY DIANA'S LAST RITES. The Occult Roots of the British Cryptocracy that killed the Princess of Wales, Diana. Startling information on the symbolic nature of her assassination. 8 pages $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 5. "HAMMERED." The Inside Story of the Top Communist Operative Who Groomed Al Gore to Rule a Soviet America This is the most comprehensive investigative report on Armand Hammer and Al Gore Jr. in print. 8 pages. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 6. CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR WHITE AMERICANS. Hoffman uncovers the first concentration camps in modern history, which were used to intern the white mine workers of Idaho and were staffed by black guards--in 1899! Glossy magazine format. 20 pages. $12.00 p.p

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 7. "JEWSPEAK." Analyzes the imposition of Judaic neologisms and the mentality which has assumed a police function in infiltrating linguistics and human perception itself. Also: Black Atrocities. 8 pages. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 8. IN-DEPTH REVIEW OF GOLDHAGEN'S BOOK: Hitler's Willing Executioners: Number One Hate Propaganda on Planet Earth Also: Thomas Jefferson Was Not Another Bill Clinton: Debunking the Sally Hemings Affair. 12 pages. $7.00 postpaid


REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 10. “TALK ABOUT HATE.” In-depth review of William N. Grimstad's rare, out of print masterpiece, Talk About Hate: The Case for the Defense in the New Era of Though Crime Trials. Plus: "Fugitive from Injustice," a revisionist biography of Old West gunfighter John Wesley Hardin. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 11. WHITE SLAVE MUTINY! The worst mutiny in modern British naval history was actually a white slave revolt. Also: The FBI Plows a Furrow with LA Shootings. Plus: Election Fraud in Iowa. And: Come to "Israel" Be A Prostitute. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 12. DARK SIDE OF A BAD MOON: THE RITUAL ASPECTS OF CRIMINAL POLITICS. Also: Part One of Hoffman's Anti-Usury writing: "Jubilee 2000: The Case Against Debt and Bondage." And: Revising the Reformation: The Stripping of the Altars. Plus: "Overcoming Jesse Jackson" by Elizabeth Wright. And: The Revisionist Dictionary; The Pursuit of Germar Rudolf; Israel Shahak Does It Again; Sen. McCain's Dirty Money; and more. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 13. THE "JEWISH "RITUAL MURDER" CHARGE. Hoffman offers a judgment on the highly controversial "Jewish ritual murder" charge and reveals that not all the reports were faked. All of the authenticated accounts of Christians and others who were martyred by ritual murderers are presented. Plus: "That Other 'Racist' Flag" (Confederate flag controversy). $7.50 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 14. LIBEL TRIAL: DAVID IRVING & THE VERDICT OF HISTORY. Hoffman's penetrating analysis and summation of Irving's libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt in England. Plus: The Hate Whitey Cult: Morris Dees' "Teaching Tolerance" program. And: Big Brother's "Operation Napkin" in Britain. Plus a review of "Feud, Law and Society in Saga Iceland." $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 15. LOST WHITE TRIBES. The riveting story of white minority populations surviving in Third World nations. Plus: Hoffman demolishes Jim Marrs' book, Rule by Secrecy; And: A tribute to "England’s Activist-Heroine Lady Jane Birdwood." Also: A scathing review of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Patriot." And more. $7.50 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 16. DECONSTRUCTING SHERMER AND GROBMAN'S ANTI-REVISIONIST BOOK, “DENYING HISTORY.” Veteran revisionist scholar L.A. Rollins destroys Shermer and Grobman's Holohoax defense. Plus: Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's Talmud connection. And: Hoffman's volcanic essay: "Why the 'Nazi Holocaust' Doesn't Mean a Damn Thing to Me!" $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 17. "PEEPING SAM." How the Government and Watchdog Groups are Destroying Privacy and Secretly Backing Crime and Terror: from the FBI and the ADL to Morris Dees' SPLC, Hoffman delves into the secret links between these organizations and surveillance of every aspect of our lives. (This information is also contained in the book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare). $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 18. "NO BLACK REPARATIONS WITHOUT BLACK REPATRIATION" Plus: And: Pearl Harbor and USS Liberty conspiracies and "the Greater Generation." Plus: Scholar's Wordshelf: Semite, Hebrew and and Israelite. Also: "Of Race, Reason and the Two Hammers." And: ADL loses in Colorado. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 19. THE SECRET HISTORY OF JUDAIC ASSASSINATION IN THE MODERN ERA. The chronicle of the Israeli equivalent of Murder Inc. that murders Palestinians at will and with total immunity from prosecution or media opprobrium. Here is the record of state terror. Plus: McVeigh's Last Words. And: “Correction: Lyndon LaRouche.” Plus: Stem-Cell Research: a case of Talmud & Kabbalah. Also: ADL Censorship of D.W. Griffith's movies in 1916. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 20. TOWERING INFERNO: THE CRYPTOCRACY'S GREAT GAME. Illustrated with rare photos and drawings: Hoffman's first, feature-length study of the ritual aspects and psychological warfare embedded within the 9/11 Terror Attacks. Sections include: Occult Dimensions of the Great Game; Detecting the Great Game; The History of the Great Game, and The Processing Bin Laden. Plus: Contra the Kosher Conservative Crusade. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 21. IN THE KINGDOM OF ANTHRAXISTAN: THE RHETORIC OF HUMANITARIAN HYPOCRISY SHIELDING FOUL ATROCITIES. Referencing occult principles used by Queen Elizabeth I to gull her subjects, Hoffman examines the martial law tyranny that George W. Bush began to impose on America in the wake of the 9/11 Terror Attacks. Also: "Dragapella," theatrical metaphor for the death of the West. And: In Memoriam obituaries for two heroes --Doug Collins of Canada and Earl Jones of New Mexico. Economics: "How the Dismal Science Got Its Name.” And: "The West vs. Islam" (exposed as intellectual fraud/false opposition promoted more by "conservatives" than liberals). $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 22. REAL AXIS OF EVIL: ENRON, “ISRAEL” AND BUSH. Sections include: Blasphemy of Pseudo "Christian Conservatives.” Also: Enron chicanery and assassination; Sharon rubs out Sabra-Chatila war crimes witness Elie Hobeika. Freemasonry in Muslim countries. Plus: Education of Abraham Lincoln. And: Burning of the New Testament. Also: Hoffman on "Lord of the Rings” and "Cato's Letters." $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 23. TWIN TOWER MAN: THE NEXT MOVE IN THE CRYPTOCRACY'S GREAT GAME. Follow-up on the 9/11 terror attacks, with emphasis on the emergence of what Hoffman terms, "civic diabolism." Also: brief history of the devolution of the Post Office into the USPS "Postal Service." And more. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 24. DIALOGUE WITH A SUICIDE BOMBER. HOFFMAN DEBATES ADVOCATE OF SUICIDE BOMBING. Also: the third part (see issues no. 20 and no. 23) of Hoffman's coverage of the 9/11 terror attacks: "The Phoenix Crucible - Leaking the 9/11 Charade." Hoffman provides guidance on the psy war operations of the Cryptocracy: mass hypnotism; stagecraft; the Alchemy of White into Red as he peers into the "Revelation of the Method" as it applies to Sept. 11. The Establishment itself has subtly hinted that 9/11 is not all that it appears to be according to the official script. Plus: documentation on Talmudic lawyer Nathan Lewin, colleague of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 25. MR. LINCOLN'S DEATH CAMP: UNION WAR CRIMES AGAINST CONFEDERATE PRISONERS IN ELMIRA. More than 12,000 Confederate prisoners of war were confined in the Elmira, New York camp from July of 1864 to September, 1865. During that time, in that region of the North, there was abundant food and all the amenities of the good life, but these were cruelly, criminally and needlessly withheld from the captured troops of the Southland. Hoffman documents this unsung war crime against southerners. Also: Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan. Plus: Christopher Hitchens Attacks Michael Hoffman in Vanity Fair Magazine. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 26. IS AMERICA THE ANTICHRIST? THE SATANIC AGENDA OF "OUR PRESIDENT" BUSH. America and NATO's war on Christian Serbia: churches and monasteries bombed to bits; Christians bombed on Good Friday and Easter. Occult symbolism adopted by Rumsfeld and Poindexter's Pentagon. How and why the pro-Bush Media used an "Osama bin Laden" counterfeit to cue the nation into the fact that Bush is another Pharaoh. Plus: "Decoding the D.C. Sniper" conspiracy. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 27. THEY NEED TERRORISM: HOW AND WHY BIN LADEN IS SECRETLY PORTRAYED IN TALMUDIC PUBLICATIONS AS A MEMBER OF THE SYNAGOGUE. Also: The Saddam in Rumsfeld's Closet." And: "Sifting the Space Shuttle Debris for the Hand of God: Are the Israelis cursed by God?" What do the deaths of both of NASA's only Judaic astronauts, Judith Resnick and Ilan Ramon portend? Also: "Antonin Scalia Creates Talmud Academy for American Judges and Lawyers." And: Hoffman makes the front page of world's oldest Judaic newspaper. $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 28. LIAR, LIAR: The Bush Regime's Road to an Israeli America is Paved with Lies - Saddam's "Weapons of Mass Destruction," Those "Cheering Iraqis." The Liars' Culture that Permeates America: Analyzes widespread lying in our culture. Also: "Patriots for Profit -- Inside the Corporate Machine that Rules the White House." Plus: Top Tacoma Cop was D.C. Sniper Conspirator. Back page: The Mysterious Death of Dr. Diesel. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 29. UNDOING OF THE ADL. Plus: Mysterious Ancient America - Hoffman explores the enigma of America before Columbus: White Indians, Mayan Doomsday Capsule, The Obsidian Mirror, Architecture of Mind Control and more. Plus: "Banking on Terror--Inside the Pentagon's Occult 'Futures Market." Much more! $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 30.  THE MYTH OF THE SALEM WITCH CRAZE. Hoffman reports on the overthrow of 300 years of coverup, revealing a murderous conspiracy reaching into the highest levels of colonial New England, and the maligned girls who were all that stood between the conspirators and hell on earth for pioneers on the American frontier. Here is the missing key to one of the great mysteries of American history. Also: Statement by the American Jewish Committee on Jesus in the Talmud. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 31. 9/11 CONSPIRACY ENTERS REVELATION OF THE METHOD PHASE - IRAQ DOUBLECROSS GOES FROM FREEZE TO THAW. Plus: Howard Dean: "Bush knew." And: Saddam the prize chump. Also: "The Popes Against the Rabbis" (feature length study). In brief: Admiral Thomas Moorer on "Betrayal behind the Israeli attack on USS Liberty." And more. (For Hoffman's earlier studies of 9/11 see Revisionist History issues nos. 20, 23, 24 & 28). $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 32. GOREFEST OF THE DEFEATED JESUS. Hoffman runs counter to the consensus with a completely original analysis: a full-length, in-depth critique of Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ." Topics include: Gibson's Politically Correct, Modernist Theology; Aesthetic and Occult Dimensions of the Gorefest; Wizardry of the Alchemical Videodrome. Plus: 2004 Presidential Campaign--"Skull vs. Skull" (and Bones). And: Russian Oil on Israeli Soil. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 33. BLACKS, SLAVERY AND JUDAISM. Uncovering rabbinic responsibility for anti-Black racism. The most extreme racist hatred of Black people originates in the Talmud and Midrash. Plus: "Napoleon's Zionist Past" and "The Kabbalist Who Would Be King (of Hollywood)." Also: more information on Mel Gibson's movie “The Passion” and readers react to our review. "$7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 34. CHRISTIAN ECONOMICS IN A WORLD OF BUCCANEER CAPITALISM. Part two of Hoffman’s series on usury (see issue no. 12 for part one). "Gay" Marriage & Abortion are symptoms of the Shylock State. Hoffman examines the corrupt underpinnings of the global financial monopolies based on usury: the Federal Reserve Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. He argues that the Church historically taught that usury was a sin against nature. Also: "Patriots for Profit: Inside the Bush Family's Carlyle Group." Plus: "Palestinians to the Gas Chambers? Documenting Israeli Use of Poison Gas Against Arabs." And: "Judaic Hollywood Targets Christians - Again." $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 35. THE CRYPTOCRACY VS. THE NEOCONS. Inside the AIPAC Spy Case -- Has an anti-Zionist faction emerged from the bowels of the Cryptocracy to put the brakes on Neo-con crazies at the Pentagon? Plus: The Man Who Wired America the First Time. A Revisionist Biography of Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph from which news agencies still derive their name (“wire” service). He was the scion of an illustrious father who fought the Illuminati, a visionary, a bigot, a fearless defender of Biblical doctrine, a lousy father, a genius with talent to burn. and America's last Puritan. Hoffman assesses this "representative man" from America's living history. And: Mental Case Mel Gibson--The Sequel. Also: Where Pat Buchanan Went Wrong. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 36. JESUITS AND FREEMASONS IN EARLY AMERICA. What are the secret intellectual origins of the American Revolution? Was one key intellectual progenitor a Jesuit? Hoffman sets forth the hidden sources of the American Revolution, and uncovers a startling symbiotic alliance between a Catholic cardinal and a Protestant revolutionary, while recounting the history of American yeoman resistance to Freemasonry in the early years of the Republic. Also: Hoffman surveys what the first great dictionary of English, Johnson's Dictionary, signifies for the language and its readers and would-be writers. Plus: "Parshas Mishpatim" - "A dog is more worthy than a gentile." $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 37. NEEDED BY BUSH: WAR WITH IRAN OR ANOTHER 9/11. Intelligence dossier weighing the odds and assessing the pros and cons for the Cryptocracy of war on Iran, with special emphasis on Britain's role in Mesopotamia and Iran, as well as the staging of "Inside Job II" ( another 9/11 attack on US soil). Plus: the strange case of the "Sybelline prophetess" -- FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds; and: Kosher slaughter exposed. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 38. BIBLE WARS. A major discovery of a centuries-old conspiracy against the original Douay Rheims Vulgate and the Geneva Apocrypha is brought to light. Hoffman documents British Secret Service and Vatican intrigue, analyzing the tactics behind the elimination of the Apocrypha from the Protestant Bible, while also unearthing the Catholic hierarchy's own conspiracy to replace the Douay Rheims Bible with the Challoner counterfeit. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 39. THE RUSSIAN ROOTS OF NAZISM: From the Protocols of Zion to the Judeo-Bolshevik Holocaust. Revaluation of the source of Nazism and the secret model after which it patterned itself. Why Hitler was suckered and self-deluded almost from the beginning of his career. Pioneering conspiracy researc and essential reading for anyone who wants to grasp the deeper points of Hoffman's original historical theories and revisionist history. Sections include: Impact of the holocaust in Russia on Germans; Nazism and the Cryptocracy's Protocols Gambit; Behind the scenes manipulation by the occult "Thule Society" and Dietrich Eckart; Mein Kampf and The Protocols. And more. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 40. THE JUDAIC WHO FOUNDED COMMUNISM (IT WASN’T KARL MARX). Study of the mysterious Moses Hess, Trojan horse in the war of ideologies - the shrewd operator who Karl Marx called, "my Communist rabbi." Hess's slippery Hegelian dialectics; Nazi connection; Communist-Zionist links; the Communist ideology of Hess; Marx and Judaism; and more. Stunning insights into the founding of Communism and Zionism and the occult process by which these movements were propelled (much of the information contained in this newsletter was later published in Hoffman's book, Judaism Discovered). $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 41. A CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY OF "HOLOCAUST" REVISIONISM. Hoffman demonstrates that Christians are forbidden from bearing false witness against the German people and cannot be compelled to believe the gas chamber tales, any more than they can be compelled to cooperate with "single sex marriage" or sodomy. Arguing from scripture and history, Hoffman crafts a major statement of an emergent Theology of Christian Revisionism. Also: "Hitler’s Religion: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity." And: Rehabilitating the Knights Templar while Refuting The Da Vinci Code: A Dangerous New Trend." Plus: Circumcision as child molestation. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NO. 42. ISLAM, THE POPE AND BIG LIES. An analysis of papal policy toward Islam in terms of the agenda of the Cryptocracy. Essays by Robert Faurisson, PhD. and Michael Hoffman. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 43. “IRANIAN ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE “HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST CONFERENCE.” Plus: "Benjamin Franklin Revealed": Sick, sadistic and no patriot. Also: "Unholy Land": Hoffman analyzes William Butler Yeats and the Occult “End of Days”. Plus: The Constitution and the Commander in Chief; Also: Zionists sorry they did not get pound of flesh from David Irving. And: Hanging Saddam Hussein. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 44. CHIEF JUSTICE ROGER TANEY, A PROFILE IN COURAGE. Scourge of Lincoln and Guardian of the Constitution, Taney was one of the best justices ever to lead the Supreme Court: his fight against the central bank; and later for states' rights and our immemorial liberties in opposition to Lincoln's military tyranny, is detailed in this issue's fascinating cover story. Hoffman serves up a daring revisionist biography of the infamous "Dred Scott" judge who, in our time, is the most hated and reviled of any Supreme Court justice in history. Sections include: Fighting the Central Bank as Andrew Jackson's Attorney General; Amistad; also Prigg v. Pennsylvania; States Rights; Dred Scott decision; Defying Lincoln's Revolutionary Agenda, and Taney vs "Caesar" in Ex parte Merryman.  (Note: A book on Taney is offered as a text file in the  PDF text file section of this catalog). Plus: "Certain Anomalies in the Case of 33 Deaths at Virginia Tech." Thought-provoking dossier on the massacre -- the holes in the official account and some aspects of it that just don't add up. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 45. THE GOOD WAR THAT WASN'T: New Books Challenge the Cherished Mythology of WWII. Hoffman reviews histories by Dagmar Barnouw, Nicholson Baker, Patrick J. Buchanan, Kurt Vonnegut and Gudrun (Koppe) Everett. Sections include: World War II Still Being Fought in Caricature; Palestinians Damned for Emulating the Fighting Methods of the WWII Allies. Also; The Supreme Court Decision on Handguns. And: The German-Christian Contribution to Civilization and the Evangelization of Asians; Gore Vidal interview with Iranian television; 2008 Elections: more “lesser of two evils” whore’s slogan. $7.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY No. 46. 'THE RAG ECONOMY - DEBT BONDAGE UNDER THE WEST'S SHYLOCK SYSTEM. Part Three of Hoffman's series on usury (see Revisionist History newsletter nos. 34 and 12 for parts one and two). Sections include: Persecution of Fr. Jerome O'Callaghan; Traditional Christian Teaching; Jeremy Bentham's homosexual usury. Also: Revisionist Frederick Toben's Battle in Britain. Plus: "Russians Defy the New World Order" and "An Interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn" (one of his best and among his last). Also: "What the Internet is Doing to Our Minds." Plus: Assessing the aftermath of the McCain/Palin/Obama presidential campaigns. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 47. THE NEW CATHOLIC "SHOAH" THEOLOGY: ALIBI FOR THE REVOLUTIONARY OVERTHROW OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. In this special 16-page study, Hoffman deconstructs the Holocaustolatry which has become a dogma of the modern Roman Catholic Church. Contents include: The Gospel according to the Shoah: The Religion of Judaism for Gentiles; Refuting the Scripture-twisting Shoah theology of John Paul II and Benedict XVI; Exaltation of Judaic Racial Prestige by Distortion of the Book of Romans; Was St. Paul still clinging to "Jewish Traditions"?; The "Our Elder Brothers in the Faith" hoax; Shoah Newspeak and Hegelian Dialectical Praxis; Bishop Richard Williamson and the Vatican Order to Recant; How Auschwitz has replaced Calvary; the Apostate's Creed. This issue equips you with all the tools you need to confront and defuse the alien theology of Holocaustianity, now embraced by the Catholic Church. $8.50 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 48. JUDEO-CAPITALIST NEW WORLD ORDER MARCHES ON. Analyzing the powerful movement of see-no-Talmudic-evil 'Conservatives' who play it safe and declare Islam to be the main enemy, promoting a fractured fairy tale about a non-existent “Judeo-Christian” alliance against Islam in our ancestral past. Also: A report on two English dissidents who unsuccessfully sought asylum in the U.S., then received prison terms, after being deported to Britain, for distributing Hoffman's satirical comic book, Tales of the Holohoax. Also: Orthodox Judaism's “gay” bathhouse sub-culture; and the equally shocking rabbinic permission for the killing of "informants" (i.e. medical personnel who report molestation and sex crimes to the police). $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 49 NIETZSCHE, THE "JEWS" AND THE GOYIM. Sequel to Revisionist History issue no. 39. Using Friedrich Nietzsche as his springboard, Hoffman challenges the entire basis of the "anti-semitic" Right wing: the Protocols, Henry Ford and the whole disastrous loser movement based on them. Here is new thinking on a perennial controversy. Also: On the 160th anniversary of the death of Edgar A. Poe: why he matters more than ever. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 50. THE "JEWS" WHO ARE NOT: Judaic Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University exposes one of history's greatest hoaxes: the fake "Jews" of counterfeit "Israel." Tel Aviv University's Professor Shlomo Sand makes the best and most convincing historical case thus far for the hidden fact that the fake "Jews" of "Israel" have more in common with the Kagans of Khazaria than Abraham the patriarch. Also: "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand: Khazar Goddess of the Federal Reserve Bankers." Plus: Special Report: "When Is it Permissible to Kill Non-Jews?" An exposé of Rabbi Shapira's Torat ha-Melekh. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 51. AGENTS OF THE MONEY POWER: HOW GLENN BECK AND A GANG OF CHRIST-HATING SHYLOCKS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT IN AMERICA. This is the fourth installment in Hoffman's series on usury (see Revisionist History newsletters no. 12, 34, 46). Free Enterprise vs. Predatory Capitalism; Ludwig von Mises - Antichrist. Also: "The Fatima Distraction: 93-Year-Old Prophecy about Russia is Distracting from 2,000 Year Struggle with Judaism." $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 52: “JUDAIZING PROTESTANTISM” AND NEO-PLATONIC CATHOLICISM IN LEGEND AND REALITY. Who really are the "Judaizers"? What role did Catholic neo-Platonism play in the rise of Protestantism and the forging of an alliance with the rabbis? $8.50 postpaid


REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 54. JUDAISM IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH AFTER THE CIVIL WAR. Contents include: Rabbinic Midrash in the American South. The Cotton Kingdom under Judaism. The Role of the Rothschild Dynasty. The KKK and its Rabbinic Supporters. $8.00 postpaid

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 55 “Usury and Anti-Usury in Renaissance England and Early Puritan New England.” In-depth challenge to the thesis of Max Weber in his famous book, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Exhaustively documents the suppressed history of the early Puritan struggle to abolish usury. Uncovers the Catholic roots of the legal theory of usury in the “Nominalist” school of philosophy. Hoffman shows that far from being miserly propagators of a usurious “prosperity gospel,” early Puritan leaders and preachers such as John Winthrop and John Cotton fought unjust prices and interest on loans with heroic fortitude. Be prepared to have your preconceptions shattered! $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 56 "Bolshevism and the 'Jews' -- The latest findings by a leading Russian-Orthodox Christian Scholar." Also the Judeo-Communist spy Ring that Caused the Deaths of Thousands of American Soldiers in Korea and Vitenam. And more. $7.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 57: CRIMINALIZING DOUBT: “HOLOCAUST DENIALISM” IN INTERNATIONAL LAW. Hoffman analyzes the leading advocates and arguments for locking up gas chamber skeptics. You’ll be surprised by how deeply immersed are the laws of Europe and Canada in free speech suppression. “Holocaust denial” laws create a template and precedent for future use against other types of marginalized dissenters. Also: the alleged capture and death of Osama bin Laden. And: medications for psychosis and depression shrink the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Plus: St. Paul is Kicked out of the Church. Also: German Kangaroo Court Convicts Demjanjuk. $7.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 58: "Tracking The Occult Infiltration Of The Roman Catholic Church From The Renaissance To The Present." Contents include: Models of Infiltration; Renaissance Catholicism Rescues the Talmud; Pico's Trinity: "Egyptian wisdom, Platonic philosophy and Catholic truth"; Beliefs of the circle that produced the Florentine Renaissance under the Medici family; Jacob Frank: Archetype of the Infiltrator; "Chutzpah pays, even against Heaven." Important counter-intelligence! Also: Israeli Kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira Killed by Rabbi Asher Dahan (Judaics tormented by their own "holy" men); And: Book reviews; Latest Newspeak Dictionary entry; The Power of Letters in the Age of E-mail; 9/11 Memorial Misuses Latin Quote; and more! $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 59: FREE TRADE AND THE TERRORISM-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX HAVE FORGED A NEW NATION: THE UNITED STATES OF CHINESE-ISRAELI AMERICA (USCIA) Hoffman analyzes Communist China's policies and war plans, (including its underground "Great Wall"), arguing that China's economy is a weapon of warfare, enabled by both "Christian conservative" Republicans and liberal Democrats. Exposes the wealth and technology transfer now in progress and how Red Chinese tactics toward workers are influencing US corporations. Also: Jefferson's advice to "Occupy Wall Street," and new information debunking his supposed Sally Hemings slave liaison. Qaddafi: NATO's Man of Trust Bites the Cryptocracy's Dust. $7.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 60:  "Freemasons in the American Civil War: A Conspiracy of Preferential Treatment."  Hoffman examines the one masonic machination that can't be denied, and the implications of this revisionist history for a new understanding of the role of Freemasons in the War Between the States. Also: "Auguries of Warfare Inside the Puzzle Palace.” Starting with a ritual synchronicity in the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympics, Hoffman proceeds to put forth his theory concerning, "Operation Bar Kokhba," the code name for the conflict management of a high level faction of British occultism with links to the fourth branch of the British Secret Service. Plus: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War; National Defense Authorization Act in "The Land of the UnFree"; Israeli Supreme Court Upholds Nazi Law; Correcting myths about the life of Christopher Hitchens; Some Thoughts on the Sinking of the Titanic; and more. $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 61: "Prussia: The Lost Country.” An entire nation was taken from the Germans after 700 years of inhabitation, and dismantled: "Seven years of history gone after one lost war.” Hoffman provides a revisionist history of East Prussia, from its conquest in 1255 by the Teutonic Knights, to the Reformation, the Napoleonic wars, World War I, and the RAF and Soviet holocaust in Prussia 1944-45, and beyond. On this historical journey, Hoffman takes up the question of Prussian aristocrat resistance to Hitler, and profiles heroic Prussian leaders and writers such as Agnes Miegel and Dr. Hans Graf von Lehndorff. The story of postwar Prussia from 1945 onward is an account of one of the most massive acts of population transfer and ethnic cleansing in modern western history. Hoffman rescues this unsung history from the memory hole. Also in this issue:  An Interview with a Syrian Christian.” And: "The Money Power at Work in America: Karl Rove's Billionaire and the Buying of the 2012 Elections." and more.  $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 62: "Proto-Rabbinic Tactics Of Deceit And Their Adoption During The Renaissance" Is there a tradition of lying and deceit in the Church? Why can't the modern Catholic hierarchy give a straight accounting of the child molestation plague? Why do Protestant fundamentalists deceive their congregations regarding what the Bible says about the poor, social justice, usury and counterfeit Israel? Hoffman tracks the source to Renaissance "casuist" theologians in the Church, imitating the spirit of the Kol Nidrei rite, during a time when the Church was also accommodating Kabbalism, permitting the publication of the Talmud and breaking its ancient commitments against usury. Starting in the 16th century, rabbinic-like techniques of "equivocation" and "mental reservation" seeped into Christendom with devastating effects that are still with us. Follow the trail through the Jesuits, Puritans, Shakespeare, St. Alphonsus Liguori and Pope Innocent XI. Also: “A Diorama of Our Demise" A review of the new book, Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods. And: "The Reinvention of Craig Heimbichner.” And more. $8.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 63: The Quadrennial Return of the 'Lesser of Two Evils’ Meme For the umpteenth time in recent memory, our hidden rulers have given us no choice in the upcoming presidential election. Michael Hoffman analyzes the implications of this lesser of two evils rerun in the 2012 election in terms of Mitt Romney and his criminal politics. We propose an effective alternative to this scam! Romney’s Masonic Mormonism: Big players at high levels of the Mormon Church are backing Romney's presidency. What is Mormonism? What are its historic links to Freemasonry? Is Temple Mormonism a secret society? Is Mormonism part of the dictatorship of secret societies that rule America? Mormon Temple rituals are secret: we'll penetrate the curtain and reveal them to you, along with the secret history of the "God makers" - the Mormon church in America. Also: Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft - The Batman movie shooting synchronicities: Hoffman examines the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shootings: the hidden cryptocracy connections and ritualistic symbolism of yet another spectacular massacre in the American heartland, which the media are blaming on a "lone nut." Also: Israeli law-maker Michael Ben- Ari tears pages out of the New Testament and calls it "garbage" (Romney and Obama are silent). • The 007 Olympics • Gangster Mickey Cohen, and more. $8.00

SPECIAL OFFER. REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER ISSUES 1-44. Here is every issue of Michael Hoffman's Revisionist History Newsletter published from Spring, 1997 through Spring, 2007; ten years' worth of exceptional historical, political and cultural analysis, news, reviews and commentaries. These issues are currently sold individually at an average price of $7.00 - $8.00 each. Here's your chance to obtain all available back issues up to issue number 44, a total of 466 pages!—a $330 value. These are photocopies printed and “bound” in a plastic, ring binding. $225. (Also available on pdf file on disk - see below).

Back Issues of Independent History-Research Newsletter
(Revisionist History's predecessor)

NO. 1: DID GOD CURSE THE AMERICAN INDIANS? Also: John Brown- Liberal Terrorist. The New Jersey Militia of 1780. The Last Testament of Reinhold Elstner, a German army veteran sickened unto death by the relentless and in his case, lethal media defamation, of the World War Two era German generation. $8.00 postpaid

NO. 2: INVOKING CATASTROPHE: THE UNABOM RITUAL AND ALCHEMICAL PROCESS. Also: The White Slaves of America's Turn of the Century Port Cities. The Secession of the U.S. Ruling Class. A Ruby Ridge Enchantment (The Weaver family saga). $7.00 postpaid

NUMBER 4. WIRED TO THE DATA HIVE. Comprehensive review of Sven Birkerts' book, The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age. Also: The Terror-Tricksters: Script for Middle East Bombings. (How Arab terror aids Zionists). $8.00 postpaid

NUMBER 5. CÉLINE THE IMPOSSIBLE. A feature-length profile of the extreme white, visionary French philosopher-writer who believed that European people can only survive by adopting a type of non-Judaic Communism. Plus: The Montana Freeman Standoff: Unsolved Mysteries. $8.00 postpaid

NUMBER 6. SHAYS' REBELLION AND THE BETRAYAL OF AMERICA'S REVOLUTIONARY JUBILEE. Farmers vs. bankers and lawyers in a yeomen revolt against debt finance that was crushed by merchant-tyrants. Looks behind the cliches into the faults of some of the Founding Fathers. $7.00 postpaid

You need a computer and pdf.-reading software to access these text CDs (no sound)

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER ISSUES 1-44 PDF. Here is every issue of Michael Hoffman's "Revisionist History" newsletter published from Spring, 1997 through Spring, 2007. A total of 466 pages! —a $330 value. PDF text file on a CD. $199. (Also available in printed form —see above ).

MEMOIR OF ROGER BROOKE TANEY ON PDF: CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. 1872 (first edition). 655 pages. Co-written with Justice Taney. Includes the 30-page addendum to his highly controversial Dred Scott decision, citing English Common Law and treaties dating to the 17th century. Pdf. file on CD. $29.95.

THE 1607 GENEVA NEW TESTAMENT ON PDF. Hard to find, classic 1607 edition of the Geneva New Testament in good-sized, clear type and with the controversial margin notes present. Warning: our copy of this 400-year-old edition has about a dozen small smudges that obscure a few dozen words of the text in the Book of Matthew. 157 pages on digital pdf. file on CD. $19.95

THE WORKS OF NICHOLAS RIDLEY ON PDF. Ridley was Bishop of London under Edward VI and was burned by Queen Mary in 1555. This text includes his essential works including his debate at Oxford and interrogation by Mary's examiners; treatises on the prayer table instead of the altar, the Mass and much else of interest to Protestant researchers and Catholic scholars seeking to chart the evolution of Paul VI’s New Order Mass in its Anglican root. 548 pages 157 pages on digital pdf. file on CD. $14.95

DOUAY 1610 OLD TESTAMENT ON PDF. "Second tome" (volume II only): starts at the Book of Psalms and extends up to and including the Book of Esdras (1129 pages total). Photographic reprint on digital pdf. CD of volume II of the original Catholic Old Testament Bible in English, printed in the old style typesetting in which the letter "s" reads like the letter "f." This is the authentic and original Counter-Reformation 1610 Douay Old Testament Bible, published one year before the authorized King James version. Digital pdf. file on CD. $69.95

RHEIMS 1633 NEW TESTAMENT ON PDF. This is the 4th & final edition of the authentic Rheims New Testament printed at Rouen in 1633, with the Counter-Reformation margin notes by Richard Bristow, which were eliminated by Challoner in the 1700s. Challoner then issued a dumbed-down edition which is still erroneously called the "Rheims" today. A photographic reprint on digital pdf. of the original Catholic Rheims New Testament in English in the old style typesetting in which the letter "s" reads like the letter "f." Pdf. file on CD. $44.95

TALMUD GEIST ON PDF ("Spirit of the Talmud") by J. Pohl. The text is in German. Published in Berlin during World War II by Nordland Verlag in 1941, possibly for distribution to troops. 116 pages. Pdf. file on CD. $29.95

THE BIBLE VS. TRADITION ON PDF. Aaron Ellis and Thomas Read. Builds on the writing of Joseph Priestly in seeking to allegedly detect Church traditions based on pagan sources. For revisionist scholars. 157 pp. Pdf file on CD. $34.95


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